Yard work Feed

Sunday slump!

Well, food wise it was. lol . I got in my walk.  I came home and relaxed a bit and then carried branches to the street.  The pickup for yard debris and trash is on Monday.  I had a bunch of branches that I carried to the street. I don't like to take them out until right before they are due to be picked up.  I think it looks messy if they are out there all week!  I got that done and I also washed my hair and my bed linen.  Both Sunday staples.  I just need to put the bed linen back on the bed.  

My slump comes from food.  Lunch wasn't too bad, but dinner. BLEAH.  I wanted something different.  I thought I'd make some spaghetti.  I had some pasta and some spaghetti sauce.  The pasta was sort of meh and the sauce was meh, too!  The best part of it was the slices of butter bread I made to go with it. Phooey! I tried a cheap can of spaghetti sauce.  It wasn't all that great.  Meat flavored my ass! lol . Oh well, live and learn.  I'll get Ragu or Prego next time.  

I can't believe it's only 3 days until Halloween and 4 days until NaNo. I'm so read for both.  ^__^

First full day back on my routine.

I got in  my walk today and luckily, it wasn't as hot as my walks were at the beach.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up two things I needed so I didn't have to go for a big trip later.  I got home and relaxed and cooled off.  I got up and did my workouts.  I did those and then my French lesson.  I had time after that to relax a bit, so I did until lunch time.

I fixed myself some lunch.  I ate and then got up to go mow.  The front lawn had gotten pretty high while I was gone, so that needed doing.  I got it done and came in to cool off and relax.  I washed another load of laundry.  This was the things I didn't get around to yesterday.  I sat down and paid all my bills.  I'll have to be frugal at the grocery store this month.  I had two extra bills that I don't usually have.  I didn't spend as much as I usually do at the beach, so that helped out a lot!

I eventually want to do a recap post of the trip.  I also want to share pictures of some of the goodies I got.  I'll try to do that later this week.  I'm back on track for my usual stuff today, so that is good.  I am really sleepy, though. I never sleep well at the beach, and I tend to get up a lot earlier than I do at home.  I slept pretty well last night and I'm hoping to sleep just as well tonight! I need it.

I don't know if I mentioned it while at the beach, I got quite a stack of Starbucks cards that I didn't have.  I just put them in my binder that I keep them in.  I always love getting new ones.  I now need to add the four Starbucks stores that I visited to my tracker. ^_^  That will be awesome.  


So I did my workouts today after almost talking myself out of them.  I then went out and mowed the entire back lawn.  I was ready for the day to be over at that point.  My friend wanted to go to the trail and ride bikes.  He carried his since you can only rent one bike from the Bike share at a time.  There were two bikes there so I was happy.  Unfortunately, they both said they were 'unavailable'.  I didn't get to ride.  I didn't have on my good walking shoes either. :(  I walked around the parking lot hitting Pokestops while we rode his bike.  I would really like to try out one of the bike share bikes, but I'm beginning to think I never will! :(


So, I loaded my lawn mower up in my car today.  That was not fun.  It's not too horribly heavy, but it's awkward.  I filled it with gas before I did so I didn't run out.  I went over to my friend's house.  The one that has been sick.  I mowed his lawn for him.  I know he still isn't feeling well, so I wanted to help him out.  I did his entire lawn.  I then came home and did my front lawn and the driveway around where my car usually sits.  I parked it elsewhere and moved it back afterwards.  I came in and cooled down and then did my workouts. It was ab day so that was fun.  Yikes! LOL!  I got those done and then relaxed a bit before fixing some lunch.  Lunch was delicious.  

I went out and spent some time on my front porch.  It was feeling nice outside today.  A friend called later and asked if I wanted to ride with her to have some keys made.  I did.  She just got a jeep and she drove that.  I did NOT like it. So uncomfortable.  Ugh!  I got a serious headache from the bumpiness and the smell from the exhaust.  BLEAH!  I was happy to get home!

Now, I'm going to finish this and then do my French lesson at Duolingo and then probably play Scrabble on my iPod touch.  I love word games! 

Monday madness!

What a day!  It was my first full day back home.  BOO!  It doesn't even feel like I was away.  I got in my walk.  I picked up a loaf of my favorite bread on the way home so I'd have some for lunch.  I did four of my workouts and then ate.  I did one more.  I went out to work on the lawn with the weed eater.  It got wet yesterday, and now it doesn't work.  :(  I couldn't get the other old one I had to work either.  I came in and looked up weed eaters.  I found one on sale at Sears.  I ordered it online and did in store pick up.  It's pretty nice! I was able to get the front yard finished.  

I came in and washed off about two tons of grass! :P The guard was in the wrong place.  I fixed that so next time I won't get so messy.  I washed my bed linens today since I had dirty clothes from the trip to take care of yesterday.  I still can't believe that yesterday morning, I was still at the beach. :(  I promise to do a beach trip write up soon!  I have SO many pictures to upload!  

Oh! I did have a few letters in my box.  Three.  I thought I'd have a lot more mail after being gone a week.  Oh well!  I will have three letters to write on Wednesday at Starbucks. :)

Sunday is not a day of rest!

Not for me anyway!  I got in a great walk.  It was sunny and warm out there today.  Very nice for walking.  I came home and did three workouts.  I ate lunch, and did the last one.  I then decided that the grass was dry enough to mow.  I got the front lawn and part of the back done.  I only have one more part left. I'll do it later this week.  During all this, I also worked on washing and drying my bed linen.  I have those all done and  back on the bed!  I'm over 24,000 steps already today.  ^_^  That help make up for Friday when I didn't get my usual steps in.

Now, I don't know what to do!  I could go and finish the back lawn.  That would make the day complete and I wouldn't have to worry about it again for a while.  Hmm.... that is an idea.  I might just go do that.  I also might just veg out in front of the TV and watch Hulu. :p

UPDATE! I went out to start to mow the rest of the lawn.  I pulled the cord on the mower and it came off in my hand. ~_~; I was not amused.  I have had a lot of mower issues over the years, but this is one that has never happened!  I put the mower away and got out the weed eater.  Of course my power cords aren't very long, so I was only able to get part of the yard done that I wanted to do.  I would have done a little more, but it started to rain. Did I mention the weed eater is electric?  Did I also mention that there are a few places in the cords that need repair?  Yeah, I totally touched one and got a shock.  I am glad that happened though because it started raining not long after that.  I don't even want to think about it hitting a wet patch while I was holding it. YIKES!  

So, the lawn isn't completely done, but it's a little more done.  Also, as I was finishing up and the rain started, some debris flew up and hit me in  the eye. :(  I kept blinking and trying to get it to water.  By the time I got the weed eater and cord put away and came in and checked, it was at the corner of my eye so I was able to get it out.  What a day! :p